Zooper Heroes PosterZOOPER HEROES

Invisible Elephant Colin is a single father and a member of the elite, and secret, animal crime fighting team, the Zooper Heroes. Gaining their powers during a freak accident at the Midtown Zoo, this team of animal super heroes have been keeping the streets safe from criminals and villains for many years. Colin’s young daughter, Junior, wants to follow in her father’s footsteps only Junior doesn’t have any powers. Knowing the danger he faces everyday as a superhero, Colin is torn between his love and concern for his daughter and his responsibility to the Zooper Heroes and fighting crime. Colin makes the difficult decision to reverse his powers. Little does he know the maniacal mutant rat Pirat is secretly plotting to take over the city with his army of Roborats. Junior tries to save the day herself, thinking she can be a hero and becomes trapped. Colin must save his daughter but without his super powers what chance does he have?