A drama series created by Bec Dakin

5pm Standard are a talented, yet undiscovered, four-piece band playing gigs in local bars, barely making a living. They are discovered accidentally by one of Australia’s biggest musicians, who sees them playing in a bar after he’s walked off stage mid performance and quietly disappeared to drink. Completely enamoured with their sound and far too drunk to be thinking straight, he invites the band on tour with him. Immediately.

Unprepared for life on the road and the sudden limelight they receive from touring with one of the Australia’s biggest artists, the band members throw themselves into this new world, experiencing everything they can, but the cracks start to appear and the weariness of life on the road takes its toll both physically and emotionally. Relationships are pushed to the limit, and sometimes it takes longer to come back home then it did to leave.

Tour is a drama series that delves into the lives, both individually and collectively, of our four band members as they navigate their unprepared rise to fame in an unpredictable industry that is unknown to them.