The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco PosterTHE TASMANIAN BABES FIASCO

Adapted from the cult novel, of the same name, by John Birmingham.

JB, Stacey and the other housemates of York Street are casually coasting through life – attending Uni classes, working part-time jobs, partying a little too much and subtly ripping off the system to pay the rent…but after casting out the ‘live-action role playing’, mediaeval, fridge killer who lived downstairs, they needed to find a replacement housemate to cover their share of the rent, and they needed to find someone fast.

What they didn’t expect was Jordan, an amphetamine fuelled, nipple rubbing, Celine Dion listening, ‘fraudulator’ who was about to turn their unsuspecting lives upside down.

Within a week of moving in, the house had become a swirling maelstrom of criminals, drug lords, undercover cops, hired goons, angry lesbians and worst of all; real estate developers.

When Jordan suddenly vanishes with everyone’s rent money, the TV, three pink suitcases Elroy was minding for the Tasmanian Babes next door, and most of the housemate’s possessions; the magnitude of their real problems become apparent with the revelation that he was also running a stream of illegal scams from the house. The fallout is catastrophic.

JB, Stacey and the housemates have one week to sober up, grow up, find Jordan, keep their house and save their arses, as well as one of Elroy’s most sensitive body parts. The housemates have to use all their dodgy skills to pull themselves out of this one, but it’s not so easy when half the law enforcement community are already watching you.

Just when it appears it might be all over for this house of misfits, JB happens across the answer to all their problems.  All he needs now are his housemates combined skills and a lot of luck to pull it off.

Director: Clayton Jacobson
Writer: Karl Mather
Producer: Bec Dakin



The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco Book Poster


Praise for the original novel:

This year’s funniest book.   Terry Pratchett

Share-household hell…Everyone drinks to excess, takes too many drugs and gets through life by abusing the welfare system…Birmingham has a wonderful, grungy comic talent and many of his scenarios will make you laugh out loud.
Who Weekly

Another cult classic.   Financial Review Magazine

Good, grotty fun.   The Sun Herald