The Season Poster PlainTHE SEASON

The Season is a family drama/mystery set in the sugar cane fields of North Queensland.

Samantha left Hastings Hill 10 years ago and has rarely been home. Growing up in a small town in the middle of sugar cane country was never her idea of the perfect life. Being the constant subject of small town gossip was brutal and she left as soon as she could. University provided a way out and then a job and a serious boyfriend in the city were her excuses to stay away. But when her beloved father passes away unexpectedly she must return home to the farm to bury him and deal with his estate. Sam loved her father, an only parent, raising her as best as he could. She misses him terribly and feels enormous guilt at having not visited home more often.

No sooner has Sam returned, when locals and people from her past start knocking on the door and re-entering her life – people she’s been avoiding for years. Especially Josh, her childhood best friend on the neighbouring property, who has never forgiven her for leaving and not staying in contact. Seeing Josh rekindles feelings she’d run away from many years earlier but it also brings a calm and familiarity amidst the local gossip shit-storm.

While preparing for her fathers funeral Sam slowly enters back into local life and realises that both everything and nothing has changed. And with the cane season about to start Sam needs to make some big decisions and fast.

The situation could solve itself when a buyer comes knocking at the door wanting to purchase the farm – harvest and all. Sam needs to get her father’s financials in order to procure the sale. But whilst going through her father’s paperwork and possessions Sam discovers a whole new side of her father, making her question everything she thought she knew about her family.

Confused and angry by what she’s found at a surface level, Sam decides to sell the farm and never set foot in this small town again.

But leaving is not so easy when you want answers, and Sam realises the answers to her past are in Hastings Hill and on the farm, and these people she’s never really fit in with perhaps hold clues to her father’s secrets. Secrets have a way of wanting to reveal themselves once found, and the deeper Sam digs the more she discovers, and the harder it is to let go of the farm.

An inexperienced Sam decides to keep the cane farm for the season and run the harvest herself, giving her time to uncover the secrets of her father’s past without raising any suspicions in a small town where gossip is almost a competitive sport.

With Josh’s begrudging help Sam starts to get ready for The Season.

Producer: Bec Dakin