screw-loose-emily-vascotto-melbourne-fringe-festiv4Emma works in a grocery store. She’s bubbly, overly positive, somewhat naive and in love with being in love. She’s also a stalker. Emma’s earnest attempts to find love see her landing in some tricky, and sometimes illegal, situations which she navigates with the help of her grocery store co-workers.

But when the various men Emma falls in love with start to show up dead, suspicions are raised. Is it Emma? Is it Ronnie the butcher who has a secret crush on her? Is it Ian the new and mysterious assistant manager? Is it one of her friends and confidents? Or is it a simple coincidence? Either way the freezer at the grocery store is filling up with bodies and the killer must be found.

It’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend meets Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt meets a less bloody but equally hilarious Tucker & Dale vs Evil – set in a grocery store.

Based on the cabaret and comedy shows The Confession and Screw Loose by Emily Vascotto.

Producer: Bec Dakin
Writer: Emily Kristopher (Vascotto)

Emma: Emily Kristopher (Vascotto)