Mechanica Poster PlainMECHANICA

Mechanica is a dystopian science-fiction/ action film that is Fight Club meets The Matrix meets The Last Starfighter.

Set in the near future, after the earth has been heavily impacted by environmental and financial collapse, an isolated new-world colony is controlled by ‘The Syndicate’, an elite organisation that holds the monopoly on food, water, technology, even the air we breathe.

The masses are exploited as ‘worker bees’ to support the colony, kept in a state of poverty and reliance. Their only way out of their situation is to volunteer as a ‘Vessel’ – a controlled fighter in the high-tech cage fighting tournaments run by the syndicate. Each fight is a fight to the death.  If a vessel survives all nine levels, their entire family is elevated.

Garrett is a worker trapped in the system – a lowly government drone – but he is also a tech genius; a gifted hacker and talented gamer, spending all of his rare downtime frequenting highly illegal gaming dens. It is here that he gets his first glimpse that The Syndicate are hiding the outside world from those in the colony.

When one of the dens is raided, Garrett is arrested – The Syndicate has been watching him – and is given the choice between exile (meaning certain death) or recruitment as an ‘Operator’. Operators control each vessel, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘live action gaming’. Garrett is recruited and paired with the tournament’s first female vessel, Lena – a single mother who he forms a strong bond with. He must keep her alive through the multiple levels to win. Along the way he is supported and challenged by the team he is assigned to, rival operators, and the other vessels.

With the combination of Garrett’s talent and Lena’s strength, she rapidly climbs the tournament ladder, until Garrett discovers the tournament is rigged – nobody can win the final level, the vessel will always die. Garrett must find a way to circumvent the gaming control system before Lena reaches the final level. Meanwhile, he is discovering more and more about the outside world and the lies being told by The Syndicate in order to control the entire colony.

When The Syndicate finds out what he knows, it puts him and his team in grave danger. Can Garrett not only save his fighter in time but also stay alive long enough to expose the syndicate and potentially free the entire colony?

Producer: Bec Dakin
Writers: Rachael S. Morgan & Ellie Popov