Maul Poster PlainA teen girl and her friends have agreed to work the Christmas Eve late shift at the local shopping centre to have one last secret party together. Before big life decisions are made and long kept feelings are revealed, they’ll have to survive a group of deranged serial killers who have escaped their transport and crashed the party to hide out. It’s a festive sleigh ride into hell as the maniacs release their pent up desires and the girl has no choice but to fight back.

It’s late Christmas Eve in a small town. The streets are quiet, and colourful festive lights glow eerily in shop front windows. Tonight though, is far from a silent night. A prison transport is passing through and is rammed by a beat-up pick-up driven by a hopeful prison pen pal bride. With the guards dead, the transport doors open, and the bride’s brains sprayed across a shop window display like chunky red snow, whoever was locked up is now loose.

JESS is fresh out of high school and has a big decision ahead of her; stay in her hometown and live life large with her friends or accept an offer that will see her move out on her own towards bigger things. It’s something she’s trying not to think about as her friends have agreed to work the late shift as an excuse to have their own private party in the closed up shopping mall.

They’re a ragtag bunch who take refuge in stacking shelves at night, away from the judgemental eyes of the small town community; Jess’s best friend – a local party girl, the girl’s wanna-be pub rocker boyfriend, a local delinquent and a newly single young mum who is doing anything she can to make ends meet for her daughter. The delinquent has decided this is his last chance to express his long held feelings for Jess, reminding her what the future could look like should she stay. Things are further complicated when Jess finds herself falling for the new security guard that has been placed on duty at the request of the local authorities.

With music blasting, drinks being hammered, and the opportunity for wild sex, the partygoers are too preoccupied to notice that something is stirring in the air-conditioning vents.   Strange figures lurk in dark, empty spaces. A twisted group of serial killers have escaped and are hiding out in the mall, and finally they have the chance to act on their pent up desires and have a little macabre fun! One by one the workers are picked off, facing experiences beyond their wildest nightmares – a giant man-child dressed as a sweaty Christmas elf, sadistic, festive fashion shoots full of glamour and guts, a hell hound, homemade “zombies” and crude hunting traps that play out like a brutal and bloody version of “Home Alone!” Tis the season!

As the insanity escalates, the local authorities close in, and the survivors become “literally” torn between the serial killers when the unruly pack turn on one another. Jess must make the decision to fight back but she may not have to go it alone when the delinquent steps up and proves that he is far more to her than the locals have him pegged.

Featuring heart, humour and a hell-of-a-lot of carnage, “MAUL!” has the character-driven comedy of “THE FINAL GIRLS” crossed with a modern day John Hughes film, plus all the demented, slasher spirit of BLACK CHRISTMAS. It’s small town misfits verses madmen during the most wonderful time of the year!

Producer: Bec Dakin
Writer: Drew Jarvis