Live at Five PlainLIVE AT FIVE

Junior news reporter, Ella Reynolds only reports simple assignments and meaningless public interest puff pieces. She dreams of reporting real news stories, but that day seems further away when her news producer continues to give the big stories to other junior reporter, and Ella’s nemesis, Sebastian Cohen. Ella wants to be news anchor one day, just like her idol Stacey Bennett, and reporting on cat shows is not going to get her there.

Venting her frustration to her two less than scrupulous room mates they concoct a plan to stage a ‘fake yet harmless’ news worthy crime that Ella would have the scoop on via a mysterious informant ie: themselves. The setup goes better than expected when Ella’s fake crime setup uncovers a much larger and more serious real crime. Ella is first on the scene with her cameraman, and brings in the story as a true professional, gaining her attention and praise for the first time from idol Stacey.

Unfortunately, the fake crime leading to the real crime also garners the attention of police detective Simon Jacobson who presses Ella to disclose her informant and now wants to work closely with her to solve the crimes, nemesis Sebastian who believes something fishy is going on, as well as local crime boss Gerry-Gerry Jones who tasks his gang with finding and taking out the new ‘crime group’ in town.

Ella is in way over her head and the only way to save herself and her room mates is to report her way out of this by creating the best fake story in news history.