Catpocalypse MeowCATPOCALYPSE MEOW is a live-action, edgy comedy in the vein of TEAM AMERICA meets LOOK WHO’S TALKING… but with cats. Yes, you read that right… LIVE. ACTION. CATS.

Odd-cat-out, Kevin, is on his 9th life and it’s about to expire thanks to the mysterious disappearance of every single human being on the planet. Can Kevin and his feline friends stop licking themselves long enough to save the world, or will the human race become just another hacked up hairball in the litter tray of life?

Kevin is a good boy. He walks well on a leash. He can roll over and play dead. He can even fetch a stick in his mouth. Which would be awesome if he was a dog. But he’s not.  Kevin is a cat. What the actual f***, Kevin?

While Kevin’s owner thinks he’s the best and most unique cat in the world, most of the other cats in the neighbourhood think he’s a freak. Except for his rag tag band of mates – ‘Nutsy’, the ginger who thinks he’s a comedian and has a bad spraying habit; ‘Tiny’, who’s anything but, with the cone on his head from his gastric banding surgery and an overt need to please; ‘Selena’, the pretty tabby with a brain the size of Texas and a crush on the oblivious Kevin, who doesn’t even notice when she strategically licks herself right in front of him; and ‘Squiff’, the ragdoll with a catnip problem who’s so laid back he’s practically horizontal.

After yet another humiliating neighbourhood walk, Kevin has had enough. A cat can only take being called a loser so many times before he takes it out on his owner by crapping in his shoe. He loves his owner,but wouldn’t life be easier if there were no humans to stuff things up?

When Kevin wakes the next morning, his wish has come true. There’s no sign of a single human. Anywhere. It’s like the beginning of The Walking Dead but without the zombies. Oh dear god, please don’t let there be zombies! Worried for his human, Kevin alerts the neighbourhood cats but doesn’t get the reaction he expects – free of their human overlords, the cats all gather at Kevin’s and party hard, breaking into every box of Klever Kitty Kibble they can find and getting completely wasted.  When the food hangover clears though, reality sets in. Without the humans, who’s going to feed them? Oh my god, it’s been 3 hours since they last ate, they are going to starve to death. What the hell are they going to do?

TV to the rescue. A well –placed commercial reminds Kevin that the Klever Kitty Kibble Lady (AKA – God) has planted the means to their salvation – a Golden Fish token – in one of the kibble boxes, providing a lifetime of kibble to the lucky cat who finds it. The hunt is on among the trashed boxes – BINGO! Kevin has the token, now all he has to do is find the kibble factory to claim his prize. Will the other cats follow Kevin? He’s hardly hero material – or is he?

The rag-tag bunch set off on the road but what they don’t realise is that they’re not the only ones who want the unlimited kibble – the gang are being watched by the cat across the street, th evil mastermind, ‘Mr. McFluffy Pants’, and his team of sneaky hench-cats. His plan? Uh, World Domination. D’uh.

Mr McFluffy Pants is fearsome, with his massive ears and creepy bald skin (for the record, no he’s not a Sphinx cat, he’s a Persian okay and alopecia is nothing to laugh at). If McFluffy Pants manages to take control of the kibble, he’ll dope it with his secret ingredient and create an army of pussy slaves – uh, that came out totally wrong and bad and would be a whole different kind of movie. Cat slaves, he’d create cat slaves. Kevin and the gang have to stop him!

Along the way, Kevin and his gang face challenges and obstacles galore as McFluffy Pants tries to foil their plans again and again and commandeer the Golden Fish. From getting stuck in boxes to being distracted by laser pointers (“Kevin! Don’t look at the light!”), and being unable to decide whether that open door means go in or go out, go in or go out. How will Selena crack the computer codes if Nutsy keeps sitting on the keyboard (“But I’m helping.”)? Is Kevin really a hero or the loser everyone thinks he is? And did you know that if a cat’s whiskers get singed off, their spatial awareness is screwed?

Will Kevin and his motley crew prevail? Will Tiny starve to death (“I’m so cold … I can’t feel my tail.”)? Will they find out what happened to the humans or are they doomed to a life of scrounging from the garbage and no more head bumps? Will Kevin finally get a clue about Selena and why the hell does Nutsy keep dragging his butthole on the ground? And can Kevin figure out that it’s not about being more cat, or more dog, it’s being himself that matters.

Are cats really better than dogs? That’s easy – F*** Yeah! But the biggest question – Is this the end of the world as they know it? Find out all this and more in the ultimate funny cat video, CATPOCALYPSE MEOW.

Producer: Bec Dakin
Writer: Rachael S. Morgan