Based on the pick-your-own-path novel by Max Brallier,
Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? allows you to be the master of your own story.

You have a reclusive, broken down life and a pencil-pushing job you hate. Your life is very dull and nothing ever happens, but today, on a hot and humid July morning, zombies have come to Manhattan.

Your first instinct is to run home – it’s safe there – but once there, you have choices to make. Choices that will lead you down different paths and change your story forever. Do you stay or do you leave the apartment? There are zombies everywhere outside and people are panicking and dying. People are also turning into zombies as they are massacred by the growing masses of undead. You need to keep your wits about you – but you’re not the smartest cookie, and you’re also kind of lazy.

Your decision to stay or leave sets in motion your journey. Do you end up a sidekick for a samurai sword-wielding stripper who’s the mistress of a major league baseball player or do you end up a member of the Hells Angels outlaw bikie gang and work for the double-crossing government to clear the zombies out of New York? Do you shack up in a bar with a cute bartender and a collection of drunk bar patrons or maybe you save a primary school full of children from certain death? Do you return to your hometown and try to seduce the prom queen or save a young boys life in a subway station then venture to comic-con where you witness the greatest cosplay battle of all time? You can run the gauntlet with a group of geeks participating in a Zombie Walk or you can swim to the Statue of Liberty and help some navy seals take out the enemy. Do you survive becoming a science experiment of the US government or do you break into the Metropolitan Museum, dress in medieval armour and take the fight to the zombies? Or do you simply lock yourself in your apartment with a neighbour who becomes your new best friend, playing video games and getting high until the end of times.

Producer:  Bec Dakin
Writers: Max Brallier (novel), Drew Jarvis

CYSTZA Book Cover Lg