Breakdancing DadsBreakdancing Dads

A group of middle-aged dads with money troubles reform their high-school crew to enter a high profile breakdancing competition. Can they remember the steps and take home the prize money before their wives find out? More importantly, can they still back spin without putting their backs out?

BREAKDANCING DADS is a comedy that shows what happens when The Full Monty meets Pitch Perfect in a dance-off. A former hotter-than-hot breakdancing crew (high-school in the 90s) is now a crew of middle-aged dads, with jobs, families, lawns to mow and the usual hum-drum financial pressures.

CHRIS is a committed single dad to a ten year old daughter, after losing his wife to cancer. His little girl is his priority, above everything including dating, but he’s lonely.  JEREMY, former over-sexed loud-mouth, is married to Chris’s sister and is firmly under the thumb, helping her run a dance studio, sewing costumes and teaching tiny tots to dance. KEVIN is happily married to Kiandra and outwardly seems to have it together, but is terrified of impending fatherhood.  And SETH, once quick and agile, is now an overweight accountant with newborn twins, whose other four kids, 2 sets of twins, don’t respect him. The old friends all wonder ‘what could have been’ but their lives now are more hot-shit diapers than shit-hot dance moves.

When a national breakdancing competition is announced – promoted by one of their former arch-rivals and offering a huge cash prize – it could be the answer to their money troubles and a reminder of how awesome their lives used to be. Only one problem, none of them have danced in years. Okay that’s not the only problem. In no particular order: Their wives will never go for it! They’re completely out of shape and probably too old for this shit! And, will it clash with the P&C Meeting? On top of that, the last member of their crew – JESSIE, the only girl and a pivotal member – moved away years ago (after having her heart broken by Chris who was oblivious to her feelings for him).

It’s a crazy idea but it might just be worth a shot. What have they got to lose (except their dignity)? They agree to meet secretly at night to rehearse and quickly realise two things: One, they might be out of shape, but they’ve still got it… kind of … buried underneath the polo shirts, sensible hair and baby spit-up. And two, they can’t do any of their sickest moves without the 5th member of their crew. After recruiting the dance studio cleaner (who dances like Channing Tatum, doesn’t speak English, and turns out to be just that – a cleaner) doesn’t work out, they have no choice but to track down Jessie who brings a truck load of talent – and unresolved sexual tension.

Somehow they make it through heat after heat, at first by sheer luck or accident (and when I say accident, falling flat on your back is called a Suicide Drop for a reason) but then it all starts coming back to them. They might be old but they’ve still got Old Skool oozing out of their pores. The crowds are loving them, not sure if they’re a novelty or New Wave, but who cares – they’re killing it. The only people not pleased are their wives – who are as suspicious as hell with all the sneaking around – and the promoter (their old nemesis) who certainly doesn’t want them to win. What the heck is he up to?

When they unexpectedly make the finals – IN NEW YORK – it’s all or nothing. They have to come clean to their wives and kids. Will their wives even let them go? Can they take it all the way and claim that prize? Did all the head-spinning cause Kevin’s bald spot? Will Chris finally notice the hottie right in front of him or will Jessie flash-kick him to the head for breaking her heart all those years ago? Will Seth’s kids finally think their Dad is cool? And, does anyone even do ‘The Caterpillar’ anymore?

New York is a go! On one condition – everyone goes, wives, kids, twins, even the dog. And with such a committed cheer squad, one question remains – will the guys finally realise that what they were looking for was right there, at home, all along?

Producer: Bec Dakin
Writer: Rachael S. Morgan