BSQUAD Poster Plain


B SQUAD is a female-driven action-comedy that sees COOL RUNNINGS meet PITCH PERFECT.

Roller Derby has been announced as an official sport for the upcoming Olympic Games and Team Australia is at the top of their game – fast, strong, ready to win.

Three months from the games, Team Australia’s bus swerves to avoid running over an echidna, crashing through a barrier and decimating the team. Good day for the echidna, bad day for Team Australia. Only a handful of players remain and their team Captain is left on crutches.

With a drug test rule meaning they can’t select new players from other leagues, they are forced to face it – their dreams of Olympic Gold might be as flat as that echidna. Until their coach points out, there are a bunch of qualifying elite athletes out there from other sports, ripe for the picking – B Reserve players who may be left on the bench. Can they woo them away from their sport and teach them to skate? In three months flat?

They’re already considered an underdog sport. Fielding an underdog team of athletes who’ve never skated could be competitive suicide. Athletic prowess is one thing – add wheels to the mix, it’s a total game changer. With nothing to lose, they formulate their hit list – ‘relatable’ sports first – rugby, soccer, hockey – and garner a couple of recruits. Then they’re forced to work down the list of Olympic sports – like ‘synchronised swimming’ down.

PRESENTING: the new and somewhat absurd, Team Australia. Five derby players, rugby player, hockey player, gymnast, synchronised swimmer, weightlifter, figure skater, and a boxer – each with their own quirks and each outstanding in their sport. But can they skate and can they work as a team? They’ve got three months to find out.

Derby bootcamp is an intense combination of falling down and getting back up, a mixture of frustration, hilarity, and moments of accomplishment; bruised butts, bruised egos, and awkward ‘team-touching’ (this is a contact sport!). Blood, sweat, tears, and stinky kneepads. Learning to utilise muscles even athletes don’t know they have. It’s about overcoming obstacles, the meaning of ‘team’, and finding yourself in the most unlikely place.

The ultimate underdog tale, B SQUAD is a smashingly funny ride about girl power, teamship, falling down and getting back up again. Where the chicks are more interested in winning than falling in love or talking about boys. Where the size of their arses are only important in blocking the opposing team.

On the flip side, B SQUAD will show you that sometimes it’s not the winning that matters…who are we kidding, the B Squad team are going to kick serious arse!

Producer: Bec Dakin
Writer: Rachael S. Morgan